Durite DC battery to battery charger 12v to 24v 10 amp

Durite battery to battery charger
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Micro processor controlled for fast charging 24v leisure/auxiliary battery systems from a 12v starter battery. Battery banks from 40-300Ah

Micro processor controlled split charge system. Automatic 3 stage charging (constant current, constant voltage and float mode). Charge status LED indicators. Short circuit protection. Automatic cut in and drop out. Isolates different voltage systems. Output controlled to maximum current. Neat and compact design. Supplied with 4 metres of cable and 2 internal, replaceable fuses.

Available in 4 voltage variations, 12v starter to 12v leisure, 24v starter to 24v leisure, 24v starter to 12v leisure and 12v starter to 24v leisure.
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Manufacturer: Durite
Model #: 085251
Charge rate: 10amps (24v output)
Voltage input: 12v
Voltage output: 24v
Dimensions (mm): 170 wide x 125 deep x 155 high
Warranty 1 year
Multi-stage charging:


Instructions included: Yes
Installation difficulty rating: Easy