Durite pre-insulated terminal kit

Durite large cable connector assortment kit

Cable connector kit
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Kit contains an assortment of popular, pre-insulated cable connectors.

Probably all the pre-insulated cable connectors you'll ever need for wiring the electrical accessories in your campervan, motorhome, or boat! Click on more details for full contents.

Suitable for cables from 5 amp to 45 amp

Pre-insulated terminal kit in a handy sectionalised, plastic box.

A selection of ring, push-on, butt/joiners and bullet connectors.

Suitable for cables from 5 amp to 45 amp

  • 3.7mm red ring x 25
  • 6.3mm red push-on x 50
  • red butt/joiner x 50
  • blue butt/joiner x 50
  • 6.3mm blue puh-on (male) x 50
  • 6.3mm blue push-on (female) x 50
  • 6.3mm blue piggy back x 25
  • 9.5mm yellow x 15
  • blue ring 6mm hole x 25
  • 6.3mm blue push-on insulated (female) x 25
  • blue bullet male x 50
  • blue bullet female x 50