Battery hold down clamp
Battery hold down clamp

Battery Fitting Accessories

A range of products to complete your leisure or starter battery installation.

Leisure battery hold down
Leisure battery hold down

Battery hold down/stay

Fully adjustable. For use with all sizes of leisure battery.

Suitable for all car/leisure batteries. 390mm long angled hold down bar with multiple pre-drilled holes. 2 x 300mm adjsutable rods with wing nuts.

Leisure battery box
Leisure battery boxes

Leisure battery box

Available for small/medium leisure batteries.

Small/medium box dimensions = 215 W x 225 H x 330 L (external) & 195 x 180 x 275 (internal).

All boxes are supplied with hold down straps and fixings.

Durite cordless-circuit-tester-3-28v
Dispatched within 24 hours
Durie cordless-circuit-tester-3-28v

Durite Cordless Circuit Tester 3-28V

Cordless circuit tester. Detects voltages between 3-28V. Safe with ECMs, sensors, transducers, airbags and many other items.

No ground wire or clip required, simply touch ground/earth with your finger tip. Comes with replaceable long-life alkaline batteries.






operates between 3 - 28 volts

Dimensions: L 125mm xW 25mm x H 25mm

Cordless electrical tester

Warranty: 12 months
Crimping tool
Dispatched within 24 hours

Crimping Tool

Quality crimping tool for red, blue and yellow crimp terminals.