Leisure battery system charging and cabling / wiring solutions for campers, motor homes, leisure vehicles, water-craft and boats.

We are a subsidiary of Bush Batteries which was established in 1950. Due to a rise in demand for auxiliary power in vehicles and boats for running appliances, electronics, power tools etc Leisure Battery Systems was created to specialise in leisure / auxiliary battery system charging devices and charge protection

The aim of our Web site is to provide those who are building, carrying out maintenance / repairs, renovating or upgrading a camper, motor home, canal or motor boat, leisure vehicle or craft with top quality products and solutions. We specialise in split charging systems and relays.

We have endeavoured tried to keep our product range concise so as not to overwhelm anybody with heaps of products that basically do the same things. We've tried to make this site as informative and simple to use as possible and hope you find it useful.

We can supply top quality battery split charging solutions for camper vans, motor homes, specialist leisure vehicles, canal / narrow boats, motorboats and other marine or water craft applications. All our products come from reputable suppliers and are of the highest quality.

Our voltage sensing split charge relays and fitting kits are easy to fit as they only need wiring from the starter battery to the leisure battery/batteries. They are suitable for older and also modern vehicles with INTELLIGENT ALTERNATORS, CANBUS and MULTIPLEX wiring systems. With our range of volt sensing/sensitive split chargers there's no need to cut wires or take feeds from other sources (i.e. the vehicle alternator). For newer vehicles this also avoids any vehicle warranty issues.

Our range of DC to DC battery to battery chargers have micro-processor controlled charging systems and use voltage sensing for automatic cut-in and drop-out battery split charging. These DC battery chargers are very easy to fit and come in four variations to cater for vehicles with dual voltage battery banks for starting and auxiliary/leisure use. DC Battery Split Chargers are also suitable for the latest vehicles with regenerative braking systems.

The Ring DC Smartcharger is our best priced Battery to Battery Charger and the input voltage can be up to 50 volts. Therefore, it is the perfect solution to charging a 12 volt leisure / auxiliary battery system from a 24 volt starter battery (input can be up to 50v) system which is one of the most common questions we are asked. Of course, it's a perfect intelligent split charging system for 12 volt starter battery systems too!

The Ring DC Smartcharger also has a separate input for solar panel battery charging. It is also suitable for the most modern of vehicles with "Smart" alternators and regenerative braking systems on which conventional split charge relays may not work effectively.

Durite DC Battery Chargers come in a range of battery voltage combinations including 12v to 24v and 24v to 24v. With a long established name like Durite you can be assured of great quality too. Durite DC battery chargers are also suitable for use with modern "Smart" alternators.

For all of the latest Euro 5 and Euro 6 engined vehicles (including Mercedes Blue Efficiency Sprinters, VW T5 and T6 Bluemotion, Vauxhall Ecoflex and Ford Econetic Transits) we would recommend using a DC Battery to Battery charger. This is because the alternators on these vehicles will cut alternator power when not needed to save fuel then raise this voltage to very high levels when necessary for quick charging, which means a relay will not charge the leisure battery efficiently and could result in damage to both the relay and the battery.

For those who do a lot of 'wild' camping, or are often in situations where no mains hook-up is available then it's your 12 volt (or in some cases 24 volt) leisure battery electrical system you should be concentrating on. First and foremost your going to need a good quality leisure battery (or batteries depending on your low voltage power consumption) and to work out your power consumption in amps to decide the ampere hour (Ah) rating of leisure battery/batteries required.

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Leisure Battery Systems is a trading name of Bush Battery Co. Ltd. established since 1950.


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