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Duritev12v Mini Li-ion Jump Starter
Durite mini jump starter

Powerful "Durite" 12V Jump Starter 12,000mAH Li-ion Battery

Price slash!

12V Jump Starter with 12,000mAH Li-ion Battery. Highly portable, small and compact with a self-contained battery booster that can start a car in seconds.

  • 12V jump starter with 12,000mAH Li-ion Battery
  • Highly portable, small and compact that can start a car in seconds
  • 13 accessory connectors, suitable to charge a sat nav, phone, laptop, tablet etc (output 12V2A)
  • Will start Petrol engine up to 4L and Diesel up to 2.5L
  • The latest Li-Polymer battery technology
  • Digital battery life display so you know how much power is left
  • Jump start clips, torch, auxiliary connectors, charger and carry case all included
  • Charge from mains or 12VDC lighter socket
  • Can be used as an emergency hammer to break glass.
Manufacturer: Durite
Model #: 064920
Internal battery type Li-Polymer 12,000mAH/44.4WH
Voltage 12v
Extras included: Jump start clips, USB port, torch, auxiliary connectors (iphone - ipad - smartphone charging leads), AC and DC in car charger and carry case. Charge from mains or 12VDC lighter socket. Can be used as an emergency hammer to break glass.
Dimensions (mm): L 165 x W 75 x H 30mm
Warranty 1 year
Start amps:: 200Amps
Peak amps: 400Amps
Voltage outputs: 12V/16V/19V
Crimping tool
Dispatched within 24 hours

Crimping Tool

Quality crimping tool for red, blue and yellow crimp terminals.
Durite cordless-circuit-tester-3-28v
Dispatched within 24 hours
Durie cordless-circuit-tester-3-28v

Durite Cordless Circuit Tester 3-28V

Cordless circuit tester. Detects voltages between 3-28V. Safe with ECMs, sensors, transducers, airbags and many other items.

No ground wire or clip required, simply touch ground/earth with your finger tip. Comes with replaceable long-life alkaline batteries.






operates between 3 - 28 volts

Dimensions: L 125mm xW 25mm x H 25mm

Cordless electrical tester

Warranty: 12 months