Exide Maxxima DC (Deep Cycle) Battery

Exide Maxxima 900DC/EP450 starter & deep cycle battery

Exide Maxxima 900 deep cycle
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Exide Maxxima 900DC. Dual purpose deep cycle and starter battery.


The 12 volt Maxxima 900DC has conventional, post type battery terminals for connecting starter cables. It also has threaded, upright, studs for connecting auxiliaries/accessories. Both pairs of terminals are situated on the top. SOLD FOR PICK-UP ONLY! This is because in our experience courier drivers do not know how to handle automotive batteries correctly and consistently cause spillage or physical damage during transit.

Make: Exide

Maxxima EP450

Voltage: 12V
Dimensions: L 260mm x W 170mm x H 200mm
Features: Dual terminals (standard and stud)
Warranty: 2 years
Amps: 750A
Ah: 50