80 Amp Leisure Battery Low Box

Leisure battery 80 amp 12 volt (low box height)

Leisure battery XEL85L
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80 amp, sealed, low box, maintenance free leisure battery with 'magic eye' state of charge indicator.

Top quality 80 amp leisure battery. Can be used for engine starting as well as running auxiliary equipment. Low box means it's ideal for fitting under seats etc. where height may be an issue. SOLD FOR PICK-UP ONLY! This is because in our experience courier drivers do not know how to handle automotive batteries correctly and consistently cause spillage or physical damage during transit.

Layout of battery terminals as per image: red = positive - blue = negative.

Make: XEL Leisure
Model: XEL 85L
Voltage: 12V
Dimensions: L x 275 W x 175mm H x 175mm

Carry handle

Magic eye state of charge indicator

Warranty: 2 years
Amps: 80 Ah